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• Attract additional sales with a greater number of selections

• Reduce route labor without sacrificing sales

• Dynamic keypad, Touch sensing technology, Large  lighted keys

• 1-2-3 Process (money, selection, change) facilitatesexperience

• New OK key confirms selection

• Graphics display simplifies communication

• All mechanical systems tested to 14 years of life

• Significantly less parts, improves simplicity and   reliability (delivery bin, tray harnesses, keypad)

• Cabinet “knock-outs” allow access through 30”   doorways

• Increased vertical space when compared to previous model for more or taller products

• Shelf height can be adjusted in ½” increments forultimate flexibility

• Easy loading shelves with no latches

• LED light

• Improved SureVend guarantees product deliver

Crane National 180

SKU: EM-N180
  • Weight:

    510.00 LBS


    32.80 (in)


    72.00 (in)


    37.80 (in)

    • Pricing Capacity: $0.00- $99.95
    • Dispenses: Chips, Candy, and Pastries
    • Selections: 32-36, depending on configuration
    • Second image shown is Millenia style
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