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 These National 167 refurbished snack vending machines are excellent investment. These full size automatic snack machines from National are known for their durability and dependability. It's rare to find a better snack machine than this.

Crane National 167

SKU: EM-N167
  • Weight:

    670.00 LBS


    40.00 (in)


    72.00 (in)


    35.50 (in)

    • Millenia Style shown in first image
    • Sell snacks and candy on the same shelf. Motors couple easily & dividers slide out to convert to either candy or snack.
    • Trays tilt forward 45 degrees making it easy to reach even the upper shelves.
    • With the optional Chiller you can extend product quality and merchandise options in warm ambient temperature locations. Vend chocolate, coated pastries and other confections. An electrically controlled 1/3 hp cooling system maintains cabinet temperatures up to 20°
      below ambient. Refrigeration components are easily serviced from the front.

    • Just dial up the correct price. No more little price tabs that fall out, get lost or are hard to find.
    • Cabinet "Knock - Outs" allows access through 30" doorways. Single piece cabinet wrapper construction design is built to last.
    • The alpha numeric keypad makes choosing a product easy for consumers. The large buttons and bold lettering make it simpler to use than other systems.
    • Capacities: Standard
      • Candy: 336 items
      • Snack: 189 items
      • Pastry: 53 items 
    • Capacities: Maximum
      • Candy: 1800 items (6 shelves)
      • Snack/Pastry: 450 items (6 shelves)
      • Gum and Mint: 120 items - 5 selections (optional) 
    • Multiple Pricing
    • Data Recall (by selection, tray, priceline or machine)
    • Self-Diagnostics
    • Time and Date capabilities
    • Winner Mode (1:10 to 1:9,999)
    • Discount Mode
    • Inhibit Mode
    • Programmable scrolling message display 
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