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Why wrap a vending machine?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Impulse is not only an undeniably important element of marketing, it’s also the internal force that drives human psychology to both satisfy our needs and to indulge our desires. In fact, it was the notion of the “impulse purchase” that gave birth to the invention of the first vending machines.

Any consumer psychologist will tell you that invoking a “purchasing mindset” in the consumer is important to inspire a sale. When a customer interacts with a vending machine, you’ve got a potential buyer with an immediate need approaching the point of sale. What better time to suggest your products with subtle advertisements?

Now, consider the tools we have in our arsenal in such a situation. There is an area around the vending machine, and there are likely walls around or near the vending machine. Let’s not overlook the fact, however, that the vast majority of the customer’s attention is focused on the physical form of the vending machine itself.

Traditionally, a vending machine is dominated by a window that allows the customer a view of the products for sale inside the machine.

However, while the colorful and visually pleasing packaging of the sale items inside the machine may be attractive to the customer, the scene is generally comprised of the mechanical inner workings of the machine and the often matte black or silver-colored exterior of the machine. This gives the machine a cold, industrial air that fails to take advantage of the “purchasing mindset” with which the customer approached the machine.

The solution is exactly what you think it is. When several square feet of flat surface area present themselves to our customers, it is wrong to not use that space to send a positive message about your product or services.

By adding a vending machine wrap, you can transform this unused space into a focal point that makes use of contemporary advertising techniques

Vending machine wraps provide full-size, full-color advertisements for your product, service, or company that’s capable of attracting customers. These wraps are an element of your customer’s field of view that doesn't require an active effort on the part of the customer to be effective. They are not easily ignored, yet they feel unaggressive to a potential customer. They also extract untapped advertising value from an asset you already own.

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